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Key speaker of the symposium: FROMA WALSH, MSW, PhD

She is a leading authority on family resilience. She has developed a resilience-oriented, community-based practice approach to strengthen families in crisis (e.g. major trauma; loss); in disruptive transitions (separation, divorce; migration); and facing challenges of persistent, multi-stress conditions (e.g. illness, disability; economic hardship; discrimination). Her research-informed Family Resilience Framework is widely applied in intervention and prevention efforts.Dr Walsh is Co-Director and Co-Founder of the Chicago Center for Family Health, and is the Mose and Sylvia Firestone Professor Emerita at the University of Chicago. She is a licensed clinical psychologist and an AAMFT approved supervisor. With 120+ publications, her books include: Strengthening Family Resilience, (2nd ed., 2006/2011); Spiritual Resources in Family Therapy (2nd ed., 2009); Normal Family Processes: Growing Diversity and Complexity (4th ed., 2012); Living Beyond Loss: Death in the Family (2nd ed. 2004).


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